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You Only Get 6 Attempts

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Plan, prepare, and strategize for your next Weightlifting competition

You've done the work in training and you're ready to test yourself in competition. Transferring success in training to the competition platform is a skill. Whether you are new to the sport or simply want to expand the knowledge you have, our Weightlifting Competition Strategy Course will simplify the rules and regulations of a Weightlifting competition to make sure you understand exactly how things work. We'll also share decades of experience in strategy, tactics and making smart decisions for success. Topics we cover include:

  • Simple explanations of keys rules regarding costume, weigh-ins, referee decisions, and making changes.
  • Easy and effective methods for counting cards, timing warm-ups and selecting weights.
  • When to repeat vs. move up instead of following yourself. Yes, there's a time and place for each.
  • The sneaky ways coaches mess around in the back room to gain advantage or disrupt others and how to handle it.
  • Effective methods for making weight and planning attempts.  
  • The 3 most difficult decisions every lifter and coach has to make in a competition and how to navigate them successfully. 

There's no substitute for a great coach

...but education and improvement is always your responsibility.

Not everyone has access to experienced and attentive coaching. Coaches are always experimenting and adding to their bank of knowledge.

The entire premise of Lifting Curve and the information we share is summed up best by former Olympic great and legend Tommy Kono: "If you are willing to learn and study Olympic lifting, you can become more efficient and learn to rely on your own judgment regarding technique, training plans and contest approach."

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