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Plan, Prepare, and Strategize for your next Weightlifting competition

You've done the work in training and you're ready to test yourself in competition. Transferring success in training to the competition platform is a skill. Whether you are new to the sport or simply want to expand the knowledge you have, our Weightlifting Competition Strategy Course will simplify the rules of a Weightlifting competition and share decades of experience in strategy, tactics and making smart decisions for success. 

Topics we cover include:

  • Understanding competition format and rules
  • Learn how to prepare a bulletproof pre-competition plan 
  • Become well-versed in all the Technical Rules and use them to your advantage
  • Learn strategies like counting cards, selecting openers, tracking warm-ups, managing the clock and playing to win 
  • Learn how to conduct athlete performance reviews and set goals for the next competition.
  • And much more!

There's no substitute for a great coach

...but education and improvement is your responsibility.

Not everyone has access to experienced and attentive coaching. Experienced coaches are always experimenting and adding to their bank of knowledge. As a newer coach or lifter so should you.

The entire premise of LiftingCurve and the information we share is summed up best by Olympic great and legend Tommy Kono, in his book Weightlifting, Olympic Style: "if you are willing to learn and study Olympic lifting, you can become more efficient and learn to rely on your own judgment regarding technique, training plans and contest approach."

What's Included

How to Count Cards

Competition Rules

Timing Warm-Ups

Making Weight

Selecting Weights

Resources & Tip Sheets


Start Here

  • A Message From the Instructor

Technical Stuff


  • Competition Format
  • Age and Bodyweight Categories
  • Competition Costume Summary
  • The Athlete's Card
  • Order Of Lifting
  • Who Lifted It First? Breaking Ties
  • What Referees Are Looking For: Simplified
  • 20kg Rule
  • Confusing Rules
  • Timekeeping And The Clock
  • Making Changes: The Marshal
  • Summary Download
  • Quiz

Making Weight and the Weigh-In


  • Introduction to Cutting Weight: Use Caution...Be Smart
  • Simple Weight Cut and Tips For Weigh-ins
  • Weighing-In: What To Know, Bring, And Do At Weigh-Ins
  • Weight Cutting Tipsheet
  • Summary Download
  • Quiz

The Warm-Up


  • Counting Cards FREE PREVIEW
  • Before You Start Warming-up
  • Timing Warm-Ups and Attempts
  • Summary Download
  • Quiz

The Competition


  • Setting Competition Goals FREE PREVIEW
  • Playing The Game
  • Selecting Openers FREE PREVIEW
  • On The Competition Platform
  • How Big Should I Jump?
  • Repeat or Go Up?
  • Staying Warm Between Attempts
  • The 10-Minute Break
  • After it's Over
  • Summary Download
  • Quiz

Bonus Chapter

  • Your Gym Bag
  • Travel Tips
  • Competition Nutrition

Next Steps

  • More resources for you
  • External Resource: IWF Technical Committee Guideline 'Athletes' Outfit
  • Before You Go...


Essential to New and Experienced Alike

From Dan Bell

If you are new to the sport of weightlifting, this course is ESSENTIAL. It lays out in a detailed and orderly fashion what it took me almost 20 years to learn by experience. Save yourself or your l...

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A Must-Have for New Lifters and/or Coaches

From Kathy Friend

I was (thankfully) able to take this course a few weeks before two major weightlifting "firsts" for me - I was coaching my very first athlete at her very first meet AND I was going to be coaching m...

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Game Changer

From Neil F

Lifting Curve has done a fantastic job organizing and explaining the details of weightlifting competitions. I really like the combination of rules you should know, insider guidance and advice for f...

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